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‘Bræs’ pronounced “Brass” means sass; in other words complete confidence and lack of fear; and this is just what we aim to provide

Bræs gives women the sense and feeling of empowerment.

Women all around go through hardships that we hope to take part in decreasing. The message we try to convey is expressed in all brand elements from naming and shoot concepts to blog posts and tips; this is to express the importance of self prioritization. Though the general notion is that self care is a luxury that not all could afford, we believe that it is essential to have the time to love and care for oneself


Our co-founders are two best friends who have always been interested in hair, skincare and cosmetics, especially since they, like everybody else, experienced the pain of straighteners, heat and hair dyes.

They then eventually found themselves bouncing back to natural remedies. “Ever since I was a kid, my grandma made me love the natural oils and masks made from fruits; she always believed that anything you could eat, you could also feed to your skin and hair,” says Amira ElZayat. Yara Saleh was all for it: "I’ve always believed in self-care in all its forms and it just somehow translated to me in terms of beauty products and cosmetics, and this is where Amira and I decided to merge force."