Il n’y a pas le feu! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

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And the Award goes to…Our Shea Butter and Argan Oil infused Hair Mask!

She’s unlike the others. She’s different, strong and takes her time. 

Remember there’s no hurry when it comes to the health of your hair. Since all good things come with time, invest time in yourself! 

Always remind yourself that you’re in “No Hurry” when it comes to Deep Masking and Chilling, reasons why?

  • Revives dry and damaged hair.

  • Restores your overall feel and look.

  • Repairs your hair from previous damage.

  • Reduces breakage of the split ends.

  • Conditions and tames the wildest of frizz.

  • Long lasting hydration for that thirsty hair.

Splurge and treat yourself, it's worth the results!

500 G

Argan oil | Shea Butter | Jojoba oil | Sesame oil | Macadamia oil | Avocado oil | Coconut oil | Palmarosa essential oil | Ylang Ylang essential oil | Natural essential oils | Cetearyl alcohol | Cetrimonium Chloride | Propylene Glycol | Sorbitol | Preservatives.

Before showering:
Scoop a generous amount of the Hair Mask and distribute generously and evenly from roots to ends. For optimal results, wear a shower cap.
Leave on for 20-30 minutes, rinse thoroughly using our superstars (Shampoo and Conditioner).

The Hair Mask can also be used as a deep conditioner, scoop a small amount and apply only to your hair ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse.

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Sohaila Asser

Loveee it

I LOVEEE THISSS MASK!! Its so good you guyssss & it works for me and my sisters and my mom too we all use it & I just got the travel size one too to take it with me while traveling

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Esraa hany

The best hair mask Ive ever tried its amaaazing!! It decreased all my frizz and it really makes my hair so soft

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021


Best hair mask ever ????????????????????????????????????

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021


This mask is amaaazing & for it's price too..Ive been using it for so long and my mom and sister too and we didn't finish it yet! We all love it so much. I also tried adding aloe vera gel & honey & your oil mask and wowww made it soo soft!! Thank you braes

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Sylvia Talaat


Really perfect ..i used to have damaged hair and split ends ...oil baths didn't solve the problem but braes did ..thanks braes

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Sara El Nokrashy


One of the best hair masks you will ever use!!

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Mennat-allah rabieh hanafy

Perfect ❤️

Love how soft it leaves my hair ❤️❤️

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021



This is my all time favorite product! I read so many reviews and seen results and just had to give it a try and I do not regret it one bit. I'm not gonna lie, I was doubtful in the beginning but I told myself that I need to trust the process. I gradually started experiencing the results that have been circulating on myself, I have pretty damaged hair and it grew less once I started using your hair mask.

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021


Adorable ☺️????

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