On fait quoi ce soir? Argan Oil infused Shampoo

9 reviews

Boost your strength and hydrate!

Are you ready to ruin other shampoos for yourself?

Well, our ARGAN infused Shampoo will do that for you. 

Suitable for all hair types. 

Thanks to our special blend the new formula will boost, thicken and strengthen your hair with no limits, this remedy is perfection!

Do not hesitate “On Fait Quoi ce Soir?” is your go to! P.s: Sulfate, Silicon and Paraben Free.

500 ML

Argan oil | Jojoba oil | Sesame oil | Macadamia | Cold Pressed Coconut oil | Natural Essential oils |
Sulfosuccinate | Sorbitol | Cocamidopropyl Betaine | Polyquaternium 7 | Propylene Glycol

Massage onto wet scalp/hair gently for a minute. Rinse off and make sure to squeeze out any excess moisture from your hair, follow with conditioner.

Shake well before using.

Apply directly from the pump to your scalp, do not over-wash.

Store in a cool and dry place.

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Fateema aly

Shampoo tohfa begad bastakhdemo le banaty kaman soghayareen wel hair mask w begad tohfa

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Hala zekry

Lovely shampoo & the consistency doesnt bother me at all! when I first got it I honestly thought it was weird but when i used it, its actually really nice

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Hala zekry

Its so gentle on the hair and makes it so soft

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

hana hosam

This shampoo is lovely and so gentle! I use it for my daughter too & it makes our hair less frizzy and softer

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Amina Mohamed

I really like your shampoo! I got it based on sarah's reviews and I loved it so much with the hair mask too. It made my hair so soft and clean too

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021


I absolutely love your shampoo! it's very gentle on the hair & the consistency didnt actually bother me at all as it really cleanses :)

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Sara Saleh

love it love it love it

super hydrating and fixed my damage!

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021


The Shampoo was super gentle on my hair!

I loved the texture of the shampoo on my hair, it was very gentle on my scalp and hair and did not dry it out like other shampoos have. I have been using it for a while and I can see a difference in my hair texture.

5/5.0 Published 16/09/2021

Nadine Darwish

Very Effective

The shampoo is really gentle yet cleansing. It barely lathers and the consistency is a bit watery compared to other shampoos, but the results are amaziiiing. The oils in the shampoo helped my hair grow and transformed my curls! However, you should use clarifying shampoo every once in a while to avoid product build up or dandruff.

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