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PMS KIT -Anti-stress, pain relief and self love kit.


1-CUT THE CRAMP (refreshing body cream) Hormone balancing cream for menstrual pain relief and muscle relaxation.

2-IN YOUR DREAMS (pillow mist) Blend of anti-stress oils to help you sleep through the night.

3-THOSE HORMONES THO!(stress relief oil) Anti-stress oil - relieves stress and calms you down. To be applied on indicated stress points.

4-DON’T BE SALTY (bath salts) Detox bath salts.

5-TOO HOT TO CANDLE (candle) Vanilla scented candle

6- BLESS THIS HOT MESS (matchsticks)

1-CUT THE CRAMP (refreshing body cream).
Beeswax, Cetyl alcohol,Ceteareth 20, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Shea butter, Bergamot oil, Grapeseed oil,Cocoa butter, Coconut oil,Glycerin, Sweet almond oil,Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Lavender essential oil,Peppermint essential oil, Chamomile essential oil Geranium essential oil , Bitter orange leaf essential oil.

2-IN YOUR DREAMS (pillow mist)
Neroli water, Lavender essential oil,Palmarosa essential oil,Ylang ylang essential oil,Bitter orange leaf essential oil, Frankincense essential oil.

3-THOSE HORMONES THO!(stress-relief oil)
Grapeseed oil|Sweet almond oil|Bitter orange leaf essential oil Frankincense essential oil|Lemongrass essential oil|

4-DON’T BE SALTY (bath salt)
Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with rose petals.

1-CUT THE CRAMP (refreshing body cream).
Apply the cream in soft circular motions on the stomache area. If applied on hips and sides, then apply in an upward manner starting from your left side. Start using beforeyour menstrual cycle by two days,two times per day until after thecycle ends by two days.For pain relief, muscle relaxationand mood stimulation.

2-IN YOUR DREAMS (pillow mist)
Spray 3-4 times over pillow or bed linens 30 minutesbefore bedtime to ease your mind. Allow fabric to dry prior to contact with skin.

3-THOSE HORMONES THO!(stress-relief oil)
Apply on stress relief points (demonstrated in the card).

4-DON’T BE SALTY (bath salts)
Place 1/3 cup of detox bath salts into running bath water, fill tub to desired level. Relax and enjoy. We recommend to rinse offafter your detox bath and finish offwith a body oil or thick moisturisers.


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