Bræs is a brand specialized in all natural hair, skincare and cosmetics. It was founded in March, 2019 and has been expanding it’s horizons since. The whole idea behind Bræs’ products is to combine high end quality, ease of use and user specificity in a local brand. The aim is to provide a wholesome experience to the users when it comes to what a woman would seek in the “perfect” products .


To inspire women around the world to reach their goals without letting go of their self worth. To branch in the fields of skin care, cosmetics, and aroma therapy.

To export our products in the Middle East region in the near future, and later on to be sold and shipped across the world.
To build a platform including not only products, but also beauty tips, success stories of female icons and eventually make a difference in the industry.

‘Bræs’ pronounced “Brass” means sass; in other words complete confidence and lack of fear; and this is just what we aim to provide. Bræs gives women the sense and feeling of empowerment. Women all around go through hardships that we hope to take part in decreasing. The message we try to convey is expressed in all brand elements from naming and shoot concepts to blog posts and tips; this is to express the importance of self prioritization. Though the general notion is that self care is a luxury that not all could afford, we believe that it is essential to have the time to love and care for oneself.