Today’s blog, we have created a “model off-duty” slicked back bun moment ! This look is show stopping in our opinion! When one of us walks in the office with that sleek bun we go like “ DAMN, she has her life together..”.

It’s a very simple look, that shows off your features and gives you a snatched clean look  

This look is super easy to do, it literally just takes 5 mins and we’re sure you’ll look absouletly stunning! 

When is it best to do this look? 

It’s best to do this look when your hair is oily! Your hair oils are your BFFs, these natural oils are what keeps your hair healthy, thick and shiny.

Things you’ll need for this look? 

1- Round brush. 

2- Hair gel.

3- Thick Hair Bands.

4- Hair serum. 


STEP 1 : Start by wetting your hair, not too wet just damp it.

STEP 2 : Apply some hair serum,3-4 pumps, then apply some gel and brush your hair backwards and tie your hair in a ponytail, (retouch any flyaways with gel).

STEP 3 : Twist your ponytail into a bun then tie it with the second hair tie. 

That’s it! Now go strike a pose girl! 

Products recommended: 

1. Scrunchies 

2. Hair serum 

3. Hair mist