Summer is here and it's the frizzy hair season, we all have frizz that we can't be tamed. Follow these steps for frizz-free hair.

7 Easy tips to avoid frizzy hair. 

TIP 1 : Deep condition once a week.
TIP 2 : Style your hair in a protective hair style when it’s wet (For example; low bun or braids..etc) 
TIP  3: Don't brush your hair after the shower, wait till it's semi-dry, then apply 1 pump of serum before brushing. 
TIP 4 : Avoid aggressive towel-drying. (Use a microfiber towel, it’s a lot more gentle on your hair than a regular towel). 
TIP 5 : Trim your ends frequently (every 3-4 months). 
TIP 6 : Use an ionic blow dryer. 
TIP 7 : After shampooing, the conditioner is a MUST

Suggested products: 
1- Scrunchies. 
2- Satin bonnet.
3- Hair serum dry | Hair serum oily
4- Cherie | Glacce 
5- Satin Pillow 
6- Hair mask 
7- Conditioner