How does spending a day at home pampering yourselves sound? Sounds amazing, right? Well, we have a checklist that will turn your experience from just amazing to mind-blowing.

√ Jump into your bathtub, add bath salts that are found in our PMS KIT.
√ After your relaxing bath time, start applying our Clay Mask on your face, neck and decolletage and experience the transition.
√ Deep condition your hair with IL N’YA PAS LE FEU while bathing, leave it in for 20 minutes and wash it off.
√ Start your skincare routine and remember to use our REGARDE MOI FACIAL OIL and BISOU LIP OIL at the end of the routine, to boost your glow.
√ BOOTY OIL: Massage it well and let your skin absorb the nutrients, remember that nutrients are the best recipe for glowing skin. It can be applied be applied all over your body.
√ Finally, sit back and enjoy the relaxation with your favorite food and show.

Share your checklist and tell us what steps you’ve followed.