Have you ever wondered what the perfect wash day is? We have the answer you’ve been waiting for!

The Kit will provide the perfect balance of moisturized, cleansed and hydrated hair that you’ve always wanted. This Kit is travel sized, its perfect for your weekend getaways and short-notice travels.

Summer Destination Checklist:

Begin your day by the beach or pool, remember to use SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and also don’t forget to use the Braes Conditioner (Je Suis de Retour!). This Argan Oil infused Conditioner is made for all hair types and will help in minimizing sun, beach and pool water damage!
Once you’ve enjoyed your day out, apply the Hair Mask (Il n’y a pas le Feu) to retain any damage and to hydrate and moisturize your hair. Apply from roots to ends and leave it for 20 minutes to work its magic!
After your hair has absorbed all the nutrients from the Hair Mask, rinse it off with our Shampoo (On Fait Qoui ce Soir?) and Conditioner (Je Suis de Retour!). Remember to leave the Conditioner on for 2 – 3 minutes to get the ultimate result!
Finally, feel your hair and experience the transformation. Style your hair and enjoy your night!

Normal Destination Checklist:

After a very long day of being out and about, start your washday routine. Start off with the Hair Mask (Il n’y a pas le Feu) to hydrate and moisturize, leave it on for 20 minutes.
Afterwards, rinse it off with our Shampoo and Conditioner (On fais Qoui ce Soir? And Je Suis de Retour). Leave the conditioner in for 2 – 3 minutes, and rinse it off well. Remember that our shower bundle is sulfate-free and paraben-free and infused with Argan Oil, the best food for your hair.
Style your hair according to your night. If you’re staying in, remember to do a protective hairstyle. If you’re going out, the go wild!

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