If you take a look around, you will discover that every woman around you is empowered. Whether it’s your mother, sister, or someone that inspires you. We’ve decided to showcase some amazingly empowered women that have inspired us throughout the recent years, every day, to show appreciation.

Nour Emam (CEO of Mother Being)

She founded Mother Being to create a platform to educate, empower and liberate women in the MENA region about the reproductive and sexual health.

You’ve turned a taboo topic that should be a norm in a society into the best platform for sexual education. Egypt’s sexual education has progressed because of your continuous efforts and a norm in conversations. Keep educating, raising awareness and inspiring us!!

Hend Sabry (Actress and Humanitarian)

You continuously inspire us, every day, to change the world and make it a better place. You created a platform for the children and youth in the MENA region to thrive in an educational setting. Not just that, you were an ambassador against hunger in the UN Word Food Programme, you consistently work towards ending suffering.

As an actress we love you and as a human we admire and aspire to be like you!

Fadila Khaled (Founder of TeenTimes)

She created a platform that represents the voice of the youth.

From a young age, you paved your path and knew what you wanted to do. From educating people, entertaining then to telling wonderful and remarkable stories through Teentimes. We see and appreciate you for creating this platform! 

Nadeen Ashraf (Activist)

She set up the first public platform in Egypt to enable Egyptian Women to have a voice in the #MeToo movement.

Assault Police. You changed the scene through tremendous efforts in exposing assaulters and whoever dares. This was initially set up to provide a platform for women who have experienced and struggled with sexual assault and making their experiences public. She had a prominent role in exposing ABZ.

You’ve been an enormous inspiration since day one and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with you and your safe platform! Keep being you and continue to inspire us and paving the path for women to have a voice!

 Let us know in the comments who inspires you every day